Review by Robert D.Rusch (Cadence Magazine)

Burak Kaya: Climate Change (2015) reviewed by Robert D.Rusch
Published: January 2016 (Cadence Magazine)

BURAK KAYA [gtr] is from Turkey from where he has issued, CLIMATE CHANGE [Weplay 8680275 090405], a trio set [Ozan Musluoglu-b Yinon Muallem-perc] playing 9 Kaya originals [46:47]. The music is drawn by Kaya’s concern not just for climate change but that which has already been threatened by man’s destruction and plundering. And no matter how honorable or misguided you may feel about Kaya’s concerns, this is about the resultant music. Kaya here plays acoustic guitar with nylon strings which he writes, creates (a) natural acoustic sound. The sound here is very gentle and while at first listen this did not strike me as particularly jazz neither is it folk or world so as it is syncopated and has lilt. By the third listen it stayed pleasant and, yes, jazz it is. His playing is reflective of no one in particular, though Lenny Breau came to mind at times. Kaya is largely self taught and Turkey is far from the World’s jazz centers so hurray for individuality. This wears very well, very well indeed.

Robert D.Rusch, January 2016
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