The New York City Jazz Record (June 2015)
Burak Kaya: Climate Change (2015) By Tom Greenland

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Guitarist Burak Kaya’s Climate Change is a self-produced “message album” designed to heighten awareness of humans’ destruction of the ecosystem, adorned with 13-year-old Filipino artist Trisha Co Reyes’ provocative painting of a young girl drawing aside black and white curtains covered with images of pollution to reveal a colorful utopia of birds and beasts. Like the painting, Kaya’s chord changes are lush and chromatic, evidently inspired by Brazilian bossa nova and rendered with a delicate touch on classical guitar. Supported by the fleet-fingered bass playing of Ozan Musluoðlu, whose solos provide some of the album’s more dramatic moments, and minimalist hand percussion of Yinon Muallem, Kaya’s gentle compositions ebb and flow like waves on a beach, but would profit from more of the dark tension represented by the fish skeletons and noxious fumes on the curtains of Co Reyes’ painting—tension hinted at, but insufficiently explored, on tracks like “Aðaçkesen Köprüsü (Tree Cutter Bridge)” and “Gerze”.

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Tom Greenland, June 2015
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